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Ryo's Info.

Name: Xander Peel

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Location: Idaho

Website URL: None yet.

Bio: Anime has always been a pasion of mine, especially in IRC. You
name a show and I've probably seen it and like it. Trust me there wasn't an
anime show that I haven't liked. My favorite video games are ones on
Gamecube, cause thats all I got! In my real life I'm usually quiet, social
(thought I was gonna say not social huh?), and I often wonder what's my purpose in  my life. I enjoy finding out new things and using them to the greatest  extent. My skills are mostly useful over IRC. Because of this place I'm a pretty damn fast typer and developed a liking for a RP fight. One last thing about me is that I'm always fun to be around and I'm no pushover. To quote Seether, "Nobody's gonna stand in my way!"