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Quantom's Info

Real Name: Derek (my last name in religious and might scare people)

Nicks: Quantom, Chibi_Quantom, Firegod (don't ask)

Age: 14 (14 years, yup)

Birthday: May 30, 1989 (proves im 14)

Sex: Male/It (depends on how i feel)

Website: (this is getting repeatitive isn't
Favorite kind of Music: Mostly Hard rock/Heavy Metal, some punk, and
sorry no black rap, Only like Eminem (not to be raciest of anything)

Location: Milford, New Hampshit (doesn't it suck?)

Anime:  UMMMMMM, Trigun, and ummm, Dragonball, Hellsing... (Yeah...)

Likes: Anime, DDR!!!!! (PS1 version, with mat :D), Eminem, Linkin Park,
Having a good time i guess, wtf else, um, Most Movies unless they have
Van Damm in it, or uhh thats it. (I'm not jelios I swear! *coughs*)

Dislikes: Maximillion (everyone hates him so why not) Yugioh (HOW DID
HE CHANGE!?... he only got like 5 feet taller you dumb bitch!), I CAN"T
BEILEVE SCHOOL STARTS IN 2 1/2 DAYS!!!!! (i know you can't wait Scorp, BUT I NEED TO WAKE UP AT 6:00!!!!)