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Melfina-'s Info.

Name: Vanessa

Nicknames: Nessa, Ness, V, Ven, Vern, Mel, Melfy, Melly Bo Felly, Mel Mel, Princess Melfina, Riona, Rinoa..

Age: 15

Sex: Female

Location: New York

Birthdate: June 22, 1988

Position in Anime-chat: AOp

Music Genres: I like all kinds,..but mostly metal rockish...whoo

Favorite Movies: Resident Evil, Queen of the Damned, Pirates of the Caribbean, Blow, Edward Scissorhands, Fifth Element, Trapped, and more...

Favorite Games: Resident Evil Series, and Final Fantasy VIII

Favorite Actors: Johnny Depp, and Stuart Townsend

Favorite Actresses: Milla Jovovich, and Angelina Jolie

Friends on IRC: Miwako(irl friend as well), Evilina, Vash, Gunz, `Zero`, Lina, Miyanko, Bell Bell, Scorpie, Ryoko, Krisy, Epsilon, Chibi Jo, Monique, Aya-Fujimiya (ee), Curien, Matty, Zoe, Faithy, and muchooooo ppl! I love making friends :)!

Quotes I love: "Don't worry, I did not put coke in the cocaine....wait I did not mean that!!!"-Miwako(Smeeha) "Jo'z Here"-Good Kitty

Loves: Candy, the computer, coke, hanging out, staying up on the phone with smeeha, talking to friends, horseback riding, swimming, Vash, anime, mangas, video games, the colors blue black red and white, drawing, butterflies, roller coasters, beaches, tanning, listen to music, eating, sleeping, bitching...well not really >.o

Hates: Liars, Backstabbers, people who try pissing me off, the damn beeps and crap on the kazaa mp3s, haunted houses, hurricanes or any kind of storms, spiders, sharks, being alone, being hated, being ignored, heights, drugs, and that's all I can think of...