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Rule 1. Do Not Advertise. The onyl site allowed to be advertised is this site.
Rule 2: Do Not Use 100% Caps In You Text.
Rule 3: Do Not Flood.
Rule 4: Do Not Harrass The Op. Respect Them.
Rule 5: Do Not Use Offensive Nicks. Such As Drug Related, All Caps, etc.. If a Op asks you to change your name, do so.
Rule 6: No raping.
Rule 7: No sexual inuendos unless approved and watched by an Op
Rule 8: No room advertising.
Rule 9: No join/part rapidly
Rule 10: No bad away messages
Rule 11: No op or voice begging.
Most of the time, if you violate one of the rules, you will be kicked by a op. If you get out of hand, they might add a ban to the kick for as long as they see fit. Also, a SOP or Vash might add you to the AKICK list if they see fit for as long as they see fit.