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User Infos

To get your info posted on the site, you will need to send an e-mail by clicking below. Include the nick you use 99% of the time in #anime-chat , anything you want told about you. Put in the subject <your nick>'s Info. You can include pictures to. Three rules though. No porn pictures and the e-mail cannot exceed 1mb in size, and please, when you send your info..have the title of each new section in Bold and Underlined...EX: Birthday: June 10th.

Click to submit your info.

All Infos are listed in alphabetical order.

Angel-Aeris's Info

Ayone's Info

Darkness-Majin's Info

Epsilon's Info

Evilina-Heart's Info

Gryffin's Info

Gunz's Info

Jack_Sparrow-'s Info

Luna_C's Info.

Melfina-'s Info.

Meow's Info

Pandeh-Ultrin's Info

Pestilence's Info

Pirotesse's Info

Quantom's Info.

Rock-Chick's Info

Ryo's Info.

``Ryoko``'s Info

Scorpie's Info.

Sylphiel's Info

`Trowa-Barton`'s Info.

Vash's Info.

Vivi-San's Info

White-Raven's Info

Xzibit's Info

Zerkeh-Ultrin's Info

Zoe` 's Info.