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Name: Neoserenity18 a-k-a Monique

Other Nicknames: Monique, s-CRY-ed, Scryed, Skittle, Noir, Kirika, Animeartist, Onime-no-Kyo, Sena-Robin, Spriggan, Amara-san, Neo18, Mulatto, Pocahontas

Age: 18

C/O: 2003

B-day: 1/21/85

Gender: Female

Location: Florida (Tampa Bay Area)

Music: Everything except country, Fav. Music is Anime` and World.

Favorite Singer: Hikaru Utada, Bi, Maaya Sakamoto, BoA. Aaliyah,etc.

Favorite Band: Linkin Park, Creed, Adema, The All American Rejects, Shinhwa, H.O.T., X Japan

Position in AC: AOP Babayyy

Website URL:

Deviant Art Page:

Bio: Born in Virgina, moved to Japan, Texas, Virginia again, and now I ended up here in Florida for going on 6 years. I am going to attend the International Academy of Design and Technology private college in Tampa, Fl for Web Development which contains the nitty gritty to web design. I also enjoy messing around with macromedia, illustrator, notepad, and Im currently working on my anime` site which contains loads of info for you anime` peeps. I want to pursue my career by going to Ringling school of art and design in Sarasota, Florida for a minor in Illustration. Chatted on mirc for four or five yearsknew all yall from the beginning of these chatz.

Hobbies/Interests: Web Design, Drawing & Painting, Singing, Hanging out with my pals, DDR/other video games, Anime`, Poetry, writing, Music, Dancing, Electronics, etc.

Favorite Anime`: Kodomo no Omocha, Marmalade Boy, Witch Hunter Robin, Rurouni Kenshin, s-CRY-ed, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Jubei Chan, Weiss Kruez, Vampire Princess Miyu, Pet Shop of Horrors, Spriggan, Akira, Shadow Skill, Vampire Hunter D:Bloodlust, Iria: Zeiram the animated, Love Hina, etc. I got a huge collection O.o.

Dislikes: Haters, Snots, BiSHOz, Procrastination(which I do a lot), Pet Peeves, Perks, Urkers, Wiggaz, Gangstas, Fruit Salads, Liars, Dis-honesty, kiss @$$Orz, Chicken Heads, Two-Facez, Bugs, Pestering Boys, Wiggazs, etc.

MAh Dawgz!! SHouT-OUtzzz: Gunz, Vash, Xzibit, Angel-Aeris, Serge`, Kerry, V, Cloud, Amuro-Ray, Cless, JO, Goddess-Aeris, Integra, Epsilon, Coren, Tenrio, Tsukasa, Aya-Fujimiya, Krisy, Blice, Brandon, Lina-Inverse, Lenohif I forgot any1, lemme knowMAh BAUDDdI luv u allceptsum of u..(^)-.-(^)..

People I Dislike: You know who you are, just ask and you shall receive :D

Pics of Me:




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