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Zerkeh-Ultrin's Info

Nick: Zerky, Zerkeh, Zerkeh-Ultrin, bitch. (Most of the insults you can think of.)
Age: Sixteen.
Sex: All female, yeah baby.
Location: In bed... *Snuggles Pandeh plushie* (YOO KAY)
Position in #Anime-Chat: Aop.
Marital Status: Engaged! No you can't be a bridesmaid.
Favourite Anime: We don't get much anime here, but I love Trigun.
Favourite Game: Final Fantasy VII. oOoo Vincent...
Music Taste: Just about anything, but heavy metal owns you all.

Hobbies: I enjoy trying to write yaoi fic's, my own stories and poems. I like to draw Dragon's and other fantasy animals. I like swimming, ice skating and bed activites. =P With Pandeh of course. <.<
Dislikes: Maxmilian the most selfish person ever, who thinks the world owes him something. My mom.. Don't ask. Umm, liver. Yuck! And never mix the colours pink and green together. I mean c'mon.. Ewww!! The word Goth.. People call others Goth's like its a disease, when everyone is their own person, not a "Goth" or whatever word people use for someone who enjoys heavy metal.
Likes: Pandeh.. Well I love him. All my friends online, and the few friends offline. Animals.. Esspecially my pet cat, Smudge. I love felines, panther's are cool. Yaoi owns... So does Yiff. =D Neopets.. My user name is Zerkonia if you need help.
Bio: I love Pandeh. Umm, I love chatting to the peoples of Anime-Chat, passes the time. I'm off to college soon, wee. I uphold the dumb blonde title. Way hey! I'm a Schizophrenic, so beware. XD Thats just about it! Have fun while you're in Anime-Chat, and please keep to the rules...