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Pestilence's Info

Name: Matt McRae.
Age: Seventeen.
Gender: Male
Location: Neverland
Position in #Anime-Chat: SOp.
Comment: I'm from Canada, eh? I'm a lumberjack and a       curler, no d00t ab00t that!
Prefered Music Genre: Rock, Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Punk.
Prefered Game Genre: RPG.
Favorite Game: FFVII, Tales of Phantasia, Bahamut Lagoon.
Short Biography: Born and raised in Brampton, Ontario Canada. I'm seventeen (naturally, as stated above) and will be turning eighteen this November sixth. I'm going back to school (Chinguacousy S.S) to repeat courses I've failed. My dream is to be an author, but that isn't likely to happen.
Hobbies: I like to read, sketch, and paint. I do alot of mIRC scripting, and I'm currently in the works of my latest script: Devine Winds. Though all these things are fine, and dandy, my passion is writting. I'm currently writting a novel I started a few months back, and have compiled about twenty chapters. I also know a little bit about website design, HTML, CSS, etc.
Likes: People who have a good personality, and a sense of humor. People who are intelligent (Intelligence is one of my biggest turnons). Looks aren't really important, as beauty is found within, not without :P
Dislikes: Stuckup people. People who believe that they are better than you, so they feel justified in putting other people down. People who are pertinacious (to the extreme), and also... PREPPIES. Goddamnit. ALL OF YOU FUCKING DIE. *ahem* That's about it.
Favorite Quotes:
"All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream"
"Evil thinks not to beguile us by unveiling the terrible truth to its festering intent. But comes, instead, dressed in the diaphanous robes of virtue. Whispering sweet-sounding lies inteded to seduce us into the dark bed of our eternal graves."
"Zedd, my old friend, if you ever again have that strong-armed witch of a healer pour a concoction that tastes that spirits-be-cursed foul down my gullet, I'll twist your head around so that you'll have to walk backwards to see where you're going" --Chase, from Stone of Tears (by Terry Goodkind)
Website: (Needs work)
Other nicks: Magius, Merritt, Avarice, Zavilyn`Shadowcre, Lucem`Ferre, SuicidalDreaM, SubliminaL, Aeolus, Malystryx, Nothingness, Dante, Rosiel and Seraphim.