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``Ryoko``'s Info

Name: Saja

Age: Ask around >.>

Birthday: October 4th

Sex: *checks* Yep....still female.. 

Location: Georgia, USA....Ghey!..

Other Nicks: Homicide, Neko-Koko, Sango, Elizabeth-Bathory

Favorite IRC Users: Inuyasha (Wes), Elarion, Tsuzuki (Bell bell), Zerkeh-Ultrin (Zerkennnnnn)

Least Favorite IRC Users: Oki...This list would be wayyy too long.....So just assume you are on it..Oki?.. :)...

Favorite Music Genre: Hard Rock

Favorite Bands: Violent Work Of Art, Garbage, Funker Vogt, MSI

Favorite Anime/Mangas: Gravitation, Trigun, Hellsing, Inuyasha, TM!, Iczer 3, Ranma, and Marmalade Boy...

What I Do With My Time: I read manga and Anne Rice novels...I watch anime...I collect liquor glasses (I have around 65 right now) and manga comics (lots)...I talk to Wes (Inu-kun) a lot....And I write in my Livejournal a lot....And according to all of my family...I waste away my life at the comp...Fun!....

Likes: Wes, anime, manga, computers, internet, cash, culture, opera, ballet, old houses, photography

Dislikes: People in general, people who you don't know messaging you with "A/S/L?!" -_-, hot weather, being poor, "ghey" ppl...

Comments: I am always rollercoating in emotions...From happy to uber depressed..I don't talk in #a-c as much as I used to...Mainly just to a few ppl...or when I'm really bored..>.>...Sometimes I'll put in an effort...but that's generally not me....I spend most of my time online now talking to Wes..^^....

Random IRC Quotes:  [20:15:49] * DementedFool humps Vlad-The-Impaler..humps him good. [20:16:31][ Vlad-The-Impaler ] God I love that man...

[02:25:48][ spiderbait ] I don't pay much attention downstairs.. it's for peein', thats all i wanna know.

[19:39:56] * KingPlushieScorpie gets turned on by the teletubbies

[13:29:44][ DementedFool ] ;)~~~~~ I would like to tap Legolas's ass a few times.

[21:39:42][ Endymion ] I'm going to enjoy you...if not as a sexual partner...then as a snack..

Kamui from X


Lestat and Louis