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Scorpie's Info.

Real Name: Alex
Age: 14 ._.
Birthday: January 22
Sex: Male....with Females....namely Koko
Location: Milford, New Hampshire (The shittiest place to live!!!)
Who I am: One of Anime-Chat's top assholes....ex-Ladies Man XD
Likes: FLCL (Haruko >.>), Hellsing (Victoria <.<), Garbage, cheesy horror flicks, Altered Beast (Riiiiiise from your grave), Koko and the family...and that's about all....I hate all the rest of you, and everything else...except maybe sex.
(Big) Dislikes: Max....uhhhm...and Digimon >.>
Random Things: Not much to say....just...don't bring up FLCL or Horror movies....cause I'll start ranting. And don't get me started about might lose your lunch ._.