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Darkness-Majin's Info

Darkness-Majin Informantion.
Age: 20.
Gender: Female.

Hi. I am Darkness-Majin. I am very shy at times in chats. I need to learn how not to be shy anymores but its hard. I love to use color in chatrooms if they are allowed. I am always follow the rules. But sometimes I make some mistakes which I didn't mean too make. I like to see my friends there everyday if they are on sometimes...

I wish some of my friends I know come to my rooms if they want too  just to chat n stuff or do colors if they have scripts.

I help out at a school with the littler kids.But its making me want to go back to school. I love to play PS2 games since I got one for my B-day last year which is very COOL......  I am pretty good at DBZ games. I can kick anyone's butt if they dare to play against me MAWAHAHAHAHAHAH....  Well Cya'z in the chat sometimes..... Bye.
Well thats all I have to say about myself for now.

Love Darkness-Majin.......

P.S   I THINK ANIME-CHAT RULES........................