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Epsilon's Info

Name: Ryan Gonzalez
Age: 21
Birthday: Aug. 31st
Sex: Male
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Other Nicks: Soldier-Epsilon, DarkFlame, LKRMGLK, Ishigami-Kamuro, Skurai, Kaidou-Yuji, Antonio-Banderas, Jean-Claude-Van-Damme, El-Mariachi, and some others which I can't think of at the moment.
Favorite Music Genre: Rap
Favorite Band: D12
Favorite Solo Artist: Eminem/Ludacris/Chingy
What I Do With My Time:  I street race to pick up some cash, along with hustling people at the basketball courts. I also go to the club with my boys and I like to stir up trouble. ;)
Likes: Women, anime, money, cars, rap...
Dislikes: Women who don't play hard to get. Too easy.
Comments: I'm a sexy beast. =D

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