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Vash's Info.

Name: Dipesh a.k.a. "Dipz"

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Location: Orlando, Florida

Birthdate: September 3rd, 1985

Position in #Anime-chat: Original Founder

Comment: Need me in a rush? You can contact me via e-mail by dropping a letter to . Make sure you leave a subject or it will get sent to my junk filter automatically!

Preferred Music Genres: Hardcore Rap, Heavy Metal

Favorite Rapper(s): Eminem, Xzibit

Favorite Band(s): Bob Marley and the Wailers, Three6 Mafia

Favorite Rock Band(s):CKY, System of a Down

Favorite Movie(s): Scarface, CKY2K, Akira, The Matrix

Preferred Game Genre(s): Fighting, RPG, First Person Shooters

Favorite Game(s): Final Fantasy 7, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero

Short Biography: I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on September 3rd, 1985. After about five years, my family moved to Orlando, Florida in 1990. I grew up here for the last 13 years, but the last 3 years of my life have been extremely crucial. I was introduced to by a friend, but later discovered the *Chat Now!* button on my own. That unleashed all my supressed feelings, and every nightmare that you users face daily.

Favorite User(s): Cloud, Xzibit, Gunz, Rock-Howard, Pestilence, Baka, Cepter, Rewt, `Zero`, w0h, Seribi, `Trowa-Barton`, Zerky, NeoKong, Melfina-, Silvergun, `Michelle`, Kiyone, puertorican_princess, Tenrio, DementedFool, Tizzy, White-Raven.

Unfavorite User(s): I decided to give an explanation just so people don't get confused, lol...

Izzy - Constantly bitching and whining about anything and everything that is wrong with his life. No one cares anymore about you;

Sarine - So, you can't get with me, and you decide to try out Drake. lol... You fucking loser;

Sakura- - Grow up, you're always going to be 12.

Cute_Sailor_Earth - The room's local online prostitute.

Nici - She'll use you until she's done. Nothing more then another online slut.

Nekori - Similar to a bowling ball, she got picked up, fingered, thrown in a gutter, and still went back to Drake for some more, lol.

Drake - No one serious. Uses the Moonie Server ( Chat.Graffiti.Net) to find 12 year olds to cyber. Uses users constantly, such as Nekori, lol.

Misplaced_Sanity - If there ever were such a thing as a "wigger", then the definition would slap her right in the middle of her forehead in the form of a stamp. I personally think it's Pixie_Queen with an alternate personality unsupressing her feelings.

Pixie_Queen - Continuously idled at random times while talking. Used the constant excuse of being busy, yet never used an away message or nick.

Jenny - lol... This fat bitch that sent porn pics to my cousin, Drake.

tiny_kitty - An annoying ass person who has nothing better to do then make gay XD and -.- faces. She never learns her lesson.

tifa - Ever have a friend abandon you? Here's a prime example.

Aya-Fujiyama - Something about her really bugs me. I think it's because she's obsessed with anime to an extremity.

Saturns-Angel - No one may remember her, but she always lied to get her way around. Eventually, she was abandoned.

cc_kid - Never knew when to leave me alone. Cheated on me, but suffered a severe consequence when I backfired it all at her.

Raye - Backstabbing lesbian who preffers to act like a little bitch and hide out from everyone. No one will ever know what she's really like until she turns on them, lol.

Brooke` - lol, the dumbest bitch I've ever met... I think. She was a gullable dumbass with a bad attitude.

Yukina - Stop coming in and out of the damn room. We're not a resturaunt.

Scorpie - Some day, he's going to get smacked up for being all over "Koko". I wonder if he knows how to PM her?

Goddess_Aeris - I don't need a reason anymore, lol.

Anexy - Depression is a state of mind, not a mood. Quit taking life for granted, and kill yourself. You're useless to our society.

Tsunami` - lol... I didn't want to go out with her, so she threatened to stand outside in the lightning with a metal rod.

Lynn-Haven - Another one of those users that constantly lie to get around. Drake is obsessed with her, but she doesn't want to give him nookie, lol.

[Sephiroth] -'re..a...fucking...robot..

Aleksiel - Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha*eatadick*hahahahahahahahahaha!

A brief intermission... All the names I haven't stated yet are simply neutral, no hate or love.

Favorite IRC Quote(s):

<[Sephiroth]> Ahiko you do realize that a real life masamune blade would be about 5 or maybe actually less feet long?

* Alexiel pats her chest lightly...above them --; feeling proud

<RewtBlazin> marijuana, bud, pot, dope, grass, weed, reefer, dank, ganja, wacky tabaccy, hash, hashish, skunk, mowie wowie, thai stick, joints, roaches, indica, northern lights, homegrown, white shark , aculpoco gold, sensimillia, thc, hydro, white rhino, purple haze, neon god, kif, gangsta, maradevine, draw, white widow, blunt, fire, creeper ..... five dollars.. buster.. blueberry nugs, white whidow, red hairs, b.c hydro, aeroponi

<takeo-takakura___sailormoon> <ahem> It's a man's obligation to stick his boneration in a woman's separation. This sort of penetration will increase the population of the younger generation.

<Gunz> oshitson

<Kinara> Im a 62 year old man :)

<Cute_Sailor_Earth> i'm gay you idiot.


<tiny_kitty> XD vash stop stalking em yoo sas --;

<armored-ant> Fear me!

* Ryo kicsk vash in the balls and runs

<Bjork> Hi Vash! I love you Vash!!

<togepi_gal> hoo da fuk said dat shyte about me n my alex baby

<Cloud> you suck at sucking

<Magenta> Finger me until I bleed! XD

<Izzy> dude , i'm bi and i love you ;x

<|||-Stallone-|||> what ? i can't hear you . take that dick out of your mouth and then talk .

<ScottK> Quote me again and I *assure* you that you will spend the *rest* of your mIRC life sending me e-mails to let you off your Akill

<Shenzokuken> XD

<`Michelle`> I'm thinking of doing a wood tech teacher.

<Vash> It's making me have erection that I can't hold down. <Melfina> ._....yum

Love(s): Lemonade, Caesar salads, Fetuccini with alfredo sauce, Dodge Vipers, Newgrounds.Com, Dr. Pepper's Red Fusion, Black pens that write smoothly, Melfina-, wearing shoes with no socks (check out my picture with the Viper!), Dee: The extremely happy lady at Taco Bell who gives me hook ups, Pestilence when he's flirting with me, Teasing people when they're in a bad mood, etc.

Hate(s): Bugs that seem to be everywhere on the concrete footpaths early in the morning when you try to avoid stepping on them out of kindness, Final Fantasy Eight through FFx-2, Girls, Disciplining people in what's right and wrong when they should know for themselves, The Steve Harvey Show's Regina who never let's Steve get any nookie, Avril Lavigne, Hot Topic, people that sport whatever they discover through mainstream and think it's cool because mainstream is cool (Drake, lol), Kazaa files that are fake, Windows XP which is constantly fucking up, Deftones, Users that talk shit and run out the room before they get kicked, the smell that arises from wearing shoes with no socks, etc.

Favorite Quote Of All Time: "Where'd you get the beauty scar from, tough guy? Eatin' pussy?" ___ Scarface

Let me go back to sleep.

Me and a Viper! WOOHOO