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Xzibit's Info

Names: X, K, Whitey

Nicks: Xzibit, goku_ssj13

Sex: Male

Location: Sadly, Rochester, New York

Position: Sop/more if i wanted i suppose...

Music: Rap/Hip-Hop not any of the fake ass bull shit thats on the pop

Favorite Rapper(s): Xzibit, Tupac

Favorite TV Show(s): Family Guy, South Park

Reason I'm Around(eventhough you probly wish i wasnt...): It just sort
of happened, i used to be into DBZ and all that stuff, saw all the dbzmail
when i did google searches and finally got an account and went into the
chat. Vash showed me IRC and ive sort of followed him here, so you can blame

Favorite People: The people that have been there for me over the few
years, i know i left out people because i know only so many people will read
it, but for all the other i left out you know youve done a lot for me and i
appriciate it,and ill never forget you, but youll never know its here.
You might not be on the list, but you still wont be forgotten when it
really matters.
Vash, Bro, youve been there for me since day one and ill never forget
you for that. Hell if i know what i would be right now.
Cloud, Gotta be honest with you bro, when you were a moonie i didnt
like you, but you are a lot like me and you are there when shit has
Gunz, At the start you know you idolized me. We had our scuffles only
make make shit better in the end. You are always there when i get into or
start big shit, just like Cloud,and Vash. I appriciate it bro.
Monique, Just met you a week or so ago because you thought i was gonna
kill myself over you, when i was just messing with you the whole time. You
take the shit i give you ok, but you disagree with me so much. Your so much fun.
Seifer`, Your unpredictable. Your smart, yet stupid(then again, you are
canadian). You have always been there when shit went down.
Wazted, Your a younger version of me, which is why i gave you a second
chance. You are eager to do shit, yet different from me because you
dont like to start shit like i do. Hope it stays that way.
Liz(Trailer Park Princess): Youve been there for me through the good
and the bad. Youve done stupid shit yourself, but looks like weve both gotten this far.
Tifa, You were there to talk to for a long time, weve slipped away, but
not too far where we cant catch up every now and then and its a good thing.
Jesse, What to say. You were my bro who never went into anime-chat or
any of that shit. You'll never read this but we were identical and then you
left and that was then end of the shit. You wont be forgotten.
RAAB__, Your crazy and i knew you'd bitch if i didnt put you in this so
i am. Youve made IRC entertaining.

Disliked People: i realized this list could go on forever so ill just
give it to you, if your on it then you know why, but because im copying all
this shit from others info then ill give reasons(I couldve promised you that
mine wouldve been longer than vash's, but he goes far into his past.)
Scorpie, Wow, probly wernt expecting to be first, eh? your gay, admit
#otaku_stratus, i hate all you fags, you just cant handle the shit im
spitten at you.
Rewt, You gave me my start, thats it, you can hook up with scorpie.
Miwako, The chat's favorite slut
Kittycatmoon, if you know the shit behind it all there is a good and a
bad, i'll do the bad first, you used me, you just dont admit it, i spent
time waiting for you, but you never showed and broke me. I would however
like to thank her, she saved my life so thanks, but it still doesnt equal out
and you know it...
Anne_Marie, For the last time you slut go sit in YOUR corner...
crystal-/claire, Damn you suck up slut, doing anything people tell you
to do dont get you shit in life, you need to learn it stupid ass slut, you
shouldve realized it when they decided not to give you ircop
ScottK, yo, you may own the shit that im on, but your still a far who
thinks hes better than everyone else.

Others: you know who you are, if i fireslit you or akick you, or youve
touched me the wrong way you know how much i hate you so dont go saying
that you dont, and you may not realize it because you dont know me, but i'll
probly end up hating you too. There are also others from my past that i
hate but will never read this so i find no reason to add them to it...

Ending Shit: Dont be afraid to show your emotion and be real with
everyone, its gotten me to where i am today, you may not think that its very far in life, but its far enough for me. Anger is the truest emotion so dont be
afraid to show it and make people scared. If you got a problem with
people tell it like it is and let everything in you flow. When i leave people
will probly be thankful for it, but others will take it bad, i honestly
would like it if people did just go on and forget about me because ill forget
about you too because its all closing a chapter of my life which is
One more thing be true to yourself.