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Luna_C's Info.

Chat-Name: Luna_C, Lu`, Luna_tiC (thanks to Faith-a-tic :D) and IDLE-LU
Real Name: Claudia
Age: 18
Birthday: Oct 22nd
Gender: Female
Where am i at the moment?: In front of the computer
No really: In my own little world?
WHERE ARE YOU FROM?! : ohhh now i get ya... Sydney Australia
Favourite thing to do in chat: Well CHAT!! But i cant do much of it cos it seems like everyone GOES IN THERE TO IDLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Least favourite thing to do in chat: IDLE!!! (maybe i should just shut up about it, cos i idle some times :D)
Little bit about me: when im in chat ... i always ask questions.. you wanna know why!?!!? its cos i wanna keep a conversation going so NO ONE IDLES!!!!! (and yes i know i was gonna shut up about idle-ing, but i cant help it).
Things i like: Food, going out, movies, watching TV (GO C.S.I.!!! oh and rove live and merrick and rosso unplanned, law and order, law and order svu, law and order criminal intent, crossing jordan, alias, the Bill, my family, spooks, taggart.....), videogames (there is nothing wrong with the gamecube!!), Talking, chatting, making friends. etc etc etc.
Things i hate: PEEPS WHO IDLE!!! (i am sooo never gonna get over it), people who think they are better then others (and yes at this moment i am referring to pplz in the chat, you know who you are... you have been told.. well not by me)
What am i doing right now:  im in the chat
But what am i doing in the chat: uhh chatting?... ok ok im IDLE-LING! HAPPY!?!
Favourite animé: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Why did i do my info: cos there is nothing else to do??? i dunno i guess i was bored
ETC: Hmm i think i'll shut up now.
oh and if there is anyting that anyone thinks that i have missed please tell me... no really i mean it :P @.@