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BlueArmoredWolf's Info.

Name: Ricky
Age: 14
Personality: Too nice. WAAY too nice. Somebody please help me.
Favorite anime: Yu Yu Haskusho, Inu Yasha, Classic Zoids, Roroni Kenshin, Outlaw star, ronin warriors, Knights of the zodiac... etc.
Favorite Shows: Futurama, South Park, and Family Guy.
Favorite Songs (that are not by my favorite rappers): Kyle's mom is a bitch (Cartman from South Park), Front to Back (Xzibit), I'm your problem now (Mindless Self Indulgence)
Favorite Band: D12, Outkast.
Favorite Solo: Eminem, Dr. Dre, Royce Da 5'9, 2pac
Favorite People online: Epsilon, Neoserenity18, Scorpie, Knalatos, Zeero_Yui, Chihaya (Steph #1.. doesn't really come online much), Kiyone (Steph #2). If I forgot you, I probably don't know you, or didn't remember you. If I didn't, try not to cry.. mmmk. I was sick the day I made this thing.
Other Nicks: Xelloss, Naraku, Omnimon4, Omni
Favorite games: Final fantasy 7-10.
Comments: uh...I wish I had a picture of myself to show you "-"